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Robert Lisi is a York University graduate with a B.A. Specialized Honours Degree in Kinesiology.  Additionally, he is a graduate of York University’s three-year concurrent Athletic Therapy Program.  As a result of his passion for both health and fitness, Robert has perused and successfully attained a Personal Training Specialist certification as well. 


Athletic Therapists are best known for their extensive work with professional and elite athletes. However, their expansive array of knowledge, and comprehensive training, allows them to be particularly effective at treating a wide range of patients including: athletes with head trauma, children with postural imbalances, seniors recovering from hip replacement surgeries, etc.  


As an Athletic Therapist, Robert has obtained a comprehensive knowledge and education pertaining to the following disciplines: human musculoskeletal system, exercise physiology, human biomechanics, and emergency care.  Through extensive training and fieldwork, Robert has become a proficient practitioner, whose scope of practice includes: injury prevention, injury assessment, intervention/rehabilitation (for both chronic and acute injuries), and practice management.  


Operating within the OUA Varsity setting, Robert was afforded the opportunity to work alongside elite university athletes.  While working with multiple university level sports teams (including football, hockey, and soccer) Robert was exposed to a wide variety of therapeutic techniques; these experiences have helped to expand his repertoire of treatment options. 

Robert has always demonstrated a profound interest in sports, health, and wellness.  He grew up as a multidisciplinary athlete, having extensive experience in hockey, soccer, volleyball, and powerlifting.  Together, his education, as well as his passion for sports and health, has allowed him to develop an effective approach to patient care.  Robert believes that although individualized treatments may vary, the objective remains the same: to relieve the burden of pain and allow his patients to regain their everyday abilities.

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