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*May be fully or partially covered by your healthcare plan if you have naturopathic coverage.

A birth doula is a woman who offers a pregnant woman and her family non-medical support through her pregnancy, labour, delivery, and post-partum period. She is like a personal trainer for the birthing process, supporting you with information, reassurance, breathing and pain management techniques, advocacy, and respect. As an added bonus, naturopathic doulas can use their training in herbal medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture to help you through your journey.


Doula care has been associated with improved birth experiences and outcomes when compared to births without doula care including lower rates of induction, C-sections, epidurals, and pre-term birth.

Dr. Hussain is a trained naturopathic birth doula. She provides informational, physical, and emotional support to a mother during her pregnancy, labour, and post-partum period. Compared to a traditional birth doula, Dr. Hussain is able to infuse her naturopathic expertise to optimize maternal and foetal health, provide symptomatic relief, and help manage any health issues that come up using naturopathic therapies... read more here.

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