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Are you experiencing numbness or tingling in the

fingers, arms, hands, toes, feet, or legs?

Numbness and tingling is a massive problem which affects every aspect of life from sleeping to sitting to walking. Does getting a good night's sleep or playing with your grandchildren without pain sound like a distant dream to you? When your arms and legs are in so much pain, how are you to enjoy your life? 

You are not alone. Millions of Canadians are also suffering from this.

Perhaps you're frustrated because you've been told you must live with it. You may be fearful because the only options left are drugs with heavy side effects or even surgery.

More pills are not the solution.

numbness tingling people

Clinical studies have shown that patients drastically relieved their harsh pains, grip strength, and removed numbness and tingling without drugs or surgery. Many others have demonstrated the benefits of chiropractic and nerve conditions:

Patients showed an 85.5% resolution of the nerve symptoms after only 9 chiropractic treatments.

-- Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2008

Patients receiving active manipulations enjoyed greater relief of local and radiating acute low back pain, spent fewer days with moderate-to-severe pain, and consumed fewer drugs for the control of pain.

-- The Spine Journal 2006

the wellness group chiros dr. carano dr. ramsey

We are Dr. Marilena Carano and Dr. Rachel Ramsey of The Wellness Group Chiropractic in Aurora. We have been helping people with nerve-related conditions, and we want to let you know that there is hope. If ignored, this disorder could lead to more serious complications as it frustrates the nerve signals that control your muscles, joints, connective tissues, and organs. You have another option without drugs or surgery, in chiropractic, to remove pressure on these nerves.

A chiropractic doctor is trained to pinpoint the causes of neuropathic conditions. Often, these conditions are caused by a degeneration or misalignment of the spine which presses on the roots of the nerves. This pressure can arise from the bones or spinal discs anywhere on the spine from the base of the head down to the tailbone.

We want you to understand every aspect of your case and our methods before we start. We begin with a thorough examination of your issue, and if your case is beyond the scope of chiropractic, you will be referred to the appropriate health professional. Our assessments are detailed, and our patients describe our practices as "gentle and effective. Our goal is to relieve pressure on the nerves and allow the body to heal. We understand that you have tried everything, and this could be the solution to your problem! We hear from many patients that "I wish I had found you sooner."

Don't ignore this numbness, tingling, and pain any longer. Claim your life back.

A full first assessment is only $27 (regular price $75).

The following is what you will receive with this assessment:


Inspection to determine all possible roots of your condition

Thorough neuromuscular inspection

Concentrated examination which may include X-rays (if needed) to determine if your condition is due to spinal issues

Detailed exploration of your results

Plan with next steps

Review of all your concerns, questions, and our feedback for helping you feel better

What we want to achieve in this assessment is to find the source of the issue and fix it. Think about how you could feel and what's possible for your life without these nerve issues!

Special ends on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

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