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Michael graduated from Georgian College Massage Therapy accredited program in 2019. He also graduated as a personal support worker (PSW) at Georgian College in 2013. As a PSW, Michael has seen the long term effects of chronic illnesses and injuries. Furthermore, he understands the importance of rehabilitation and holistic care. As a massage therapist, Michael is familiar with pain and discomfort that occur from incorrect posture, muscle imbalances, or stress. When working on a specific area of the body, he will employ a variety of deep connective tissue techniques, Swedish massage, muscle energy techniques, and joint mobilizations. With over 20 years as a yoga instructor/practitioner, Michael can provide a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises to promote good posture and freedom of movement. 


With a diverse background from serving in the Canadian Armed Forces to staying at yoga communities in the mountains of B.C., Michael has an excellent ability to connect with people he meets and works with. Michael’s patients have always commented on his friendly character and affable attitude.


When Michael is not providing care he is reading, cooking, practicing yoga, and laughing with his friends & family.

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