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Oriane graduated as a physiotherapist from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. With over five years of orthopedic physiotherapy experience, Oriane makes manual therapy and active rehabilitation her primary focus. Oriane is also trained in Mulligan techniques and will be trained in pelvic floor physiotherapy later this year.  

Oriane has also taken a special interest in correcting poor posture. With the increase in time spent on our devices, this has led to an increase in poor posture in school-aged children, teenagers and adults alike. Although back devices are helpful, Oriane says the best way to correct poor posture is through education, stretching, and strengthening exercises that target specific muscles. If you want to correct that hunch back, forward head carriage, those rolled in shoulders, or that Dowager's hump... It's time to call Oriane. Oriane will support and assist you in your journey to correcting your posture for good.


When Oriane is not at work, Oriane enjoys spending time at home with her family, going for long walks and bracing herself for her first Canadian winter ahead. 

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