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Your Work Environment May Be Hazardous To Your FEET!

Your feet can take a pounding in the workplace. The daily demands of your job-walking, standing for long periods, lifting, jumping on and off machinery all place your feet under pressure. While working your feet may travel up to 25 kms and carry up to 3 times your body-weight a day! The work environment itself can also create health risks for your feet, hazardous conditions such as oily slippery surfaces, wet conditions, extreme cold or heat can all affect the health of your feet and lead to foot problems.

Stress features, sprains, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, bunions, athletes' foot, lower back pain, knee pain are some of the problems which can occur in the workplace or be aggravated at work. Problems such as blisters, corns and calluses are caused by abnormal pressure. Poor fitting footwear increases your risk of developing a pressure related issue.

Deep aches in the arch, ball of foot and heel may be a result of poor foot posture leading to muscles strains, joint aches, lower back pain and stress fractures. Correcting this posture by use of foot orthotics will improve weight distribution, alignment and efficiency for your muscles preventing injury.

Regardless of your workplace -office, home, warehouse, restaurant etc. comfortable, properly fitted footwear is essential in maintaining good foot health. Appropriate footwear can insulate against the cold, prevent them from getting wet and protect them from trauma and provide cushioning against high impact.

In many workplaces' safety shoes/boots are a necessity to protect against environmental risks, however these must be comfortable and fitted correctly. Always have your feet measured and remember length, width and depth should all be considered when choosing appropriate footwear.

Remember, FEET SHOULD NOT HURT! If you suffer from sore feet, legs, lower back pain, then it is a sure sign that something is wrong with your feet. Your Chiropodist or Foot Care Specialist will be able to evaluate problems and answer any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your feet, ankle, calf and low back. Don't ignore the importance of your feet

The Wellness Group's Chiropodist/Foot Care Specialist, Steve Smith offers complimentary consultations. Steve offers complete foot care from nail surgery, diabetic foot care, wart/callus/corn removal and orthotics for flat or high arches. Call 905.503.9191 and visit us at

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