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4 Teas for Anxiety and Stress in Pregnancy

Teas, generally speaking, are quite safe, even in pregnancy and breastfeeding. There definitely are herbs that should not be consumed during pregnancy, but many teas are quite safe to consume in moderation. Women get scared of drinking teas because not enough scientific research is available on the consumption of tea by a pregnant population. That being said, there is loads of clinical and anecdotal evidence of teas being effectively and safely used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The key is to consult with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner to make sure something is safe to consume and is indicated for you specifically.

herbal tea

Here are 4 teas that are generally safe in pregnancy when used in moderation and after consulting with a healthcare provider:


Chamomile is a very soothing herb and for sleep and stress, especially before bed. It's quite safe while breastfeeding as well.


Lemonbalm, like chamomile, is also a very calming and great for sleep, stress, and flatulence. Chamomile and lemonbalm combine very well, but during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I usually limit patients to one or the other and not on a daily basis.

Nettle Leaf

Nettles are full of iron and other minerals (and vitamins) that are easily absorbed by your body. This one is good for women who are iron-deficient and/or are stressed because they're tired during pregnancy. It’s also a great one for post-partum use.


Alfalfa is also a nutrient-dense herb, like nettles. It is great for women who feel lethargic and fatigued during their pregnancy. A combination of nettles and alfalfa works really well during and after pregnancy.

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