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Say Goodbye to Allergies for Good!

It's that time of the year: allergy season!


Experiencing congestion, runny nose, sinus headaches, sore throat, itchy or watery eyes, difficulty breathing, sneezing incessantly? These are all symptoms of allergies.

Allergies are hypersensitivity reactions i.e. your immune system is overreacting to allergens in the environment. This usually indicates that there's inflammation in the body that needs to be addressed.

I've never had seasonal allergies up until 2 weeks ago and in the last two weeks, I've brought down my symptoms by over 60% by addressing the following:

- Gut function - I'm following an anti-inflammatory diet and I ran a food sensitivity test on myself and eliminated all the foods I'm sensitive to. I've also added in a couple of supplements.

- Liver health - I'm doing castor oil packs and some herbs to support my liver.

- Respiratory tract, immune support, and overall inflammation - I'm using vitamin C, quercetin, nebulized glutathione (see the picture below) and a few herbs to support my immune system and respiratory tract. And, as mentioned above, I've made dietary changes.

- Stress management and proper sleep - This is definitely a big reason why my body has been inflamed in the first place (along with diet). Stress has been high and I haven't had much time to manage it as well as I should and sleep is taking a hit as a result as well.

- Symptomatic relief - I'm taking an allergy tea (with nettles) and quercetin to support the cells that release histamine. I don't take an OTC anti-histamine.

Wondering how you can kick your allergies to the curb for good? Come see me!

nebulized glutathione

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