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Want To Get Better? Go On Vacation!

vacation minnie tang physio

Do you want to get better? Then go on vacation! Literally. It seems like nothing motivates people to come in for treatment unless they have something they need to do or somewhere they have to go.

I always notice a trend when clients come in: I'm going away and want to be able to walk; I have a wedding to go to and need to wear heels; I have a reunion coming up and need to look good... They give me an x number of weeks to "fix" them, and then they disappear. Why do people neglect themselves for years and then suddenly want the magic pill for the 1 special day or 1 week of vacation? Sometimes, it really baffles me.

On a serious note though: a vacation will actually make you feel better. I've had a lot of clients tell me that they are generally pain free while they are away. Sadly, their pain returns when they come back to reality, and they do the things that caused the pain in the first place. I find that our lifestyle is so busy and hectic that people have trouble finding a balance, and life balance is achieved by managing priorities and making choices.

There are so many health benefits of taking a vacation. Not only does it reduce stress and anxiety, but it also helps to improve mental and physical health. Vacations can boost energy levels and make it easier to return to work and increase productivity. People are generally more active during vacations as well -- walking, hiking, snorkelling, mountain-climbing, swimming, and so much more. Studies have actually shown that taking a vacation decreases the risk of heart attacks. With so many pros, who wouldn't want to take a vacation?

I know it's not always possible to just leave, but try to take some time off once in awhile to rest, relax, and recover. Your body will thank you!

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