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(Pre) New Year's Resolutions

new year's resolution minnie tang physio

The holidays are fast approaching, and it's the time to over-indulge. We indulge in mindless eating, reckless spending, and endless playing. After all, holiday festivities are meant for celebrating good times with friends and family and enjoying treats that you normally wouldn't have on a daily basis. There is no reason why we should feel guilty about it. But we do... afterwards. We think about that extra piece of pie that we shouldn't have eaten or that new TV that we shouldn't have gotten because the one from last year works just fine. With the new year just around the corner, we tend to reevaluate some of our life choices. Do you want to "spend less" and "save more?" Do you want to "enjoy life" and "live life to your fullest?" We've all heard these resolutions many times before, but why do they have to start in the new year?

Do you want to "exercise more" and "eat healthier?"

I can almost guarantee that this is the top resolution since the beginning of time. Instead of punishing yourself afterwards for the one or two days of compulsive overeating, why not prepare yourself for it before it happens? I have several clients who already started an exercise and weight loss program with me in the last couple of months because they know that they will be cheating over the holidays. Doing this allows you to let loose without feeling so bad about yourself, and it allows you to get right back on track afterwards. Waiting until the new year to start will just delay your progress and make it that much harder to meet your fitness goals!

Do you want to "reduce stress" and "improve your life/self?"

There is no doubt that everybody is stressed. However, whether it's curling up and reading a good book, or going to do yoga, or learning how to bake, or going to get a relaxing massage, it's important for you to find what you love to do and do it! You need to first take care of your own body and your own self in order to be able to take care of other loved ones. There is never enough time to start doing these things... so why not begin now and learn how to manage your stress before all the crazy holiday madness?

It's always a good time to start becoming a better you. Don't wait until the new year... start your resolutions now!

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